Practicing Yoga provides a means to rediscover yourself

Dan Ordower practices Yoga as a way of life. Born in Canada, he moved to India at the age of 13. He lived in the Himalayas for 16 years studying, teaching and speaking at the International Meditation Institute. He studied Hatha Yoga and was a teacher at the Himalayan Iyengar Yoga Centre. Dan has used Yoga postures to alleviate his own back pain and has helped his students with a variety of problems. Now he lives in Israel with his wife and children, where he teaches Yoga to groups and privately. He grows organic vegetables and is fluent in Hindi, English, Hebrew, French and is working on learning Arabic.

Dan teaches weekdays in מרכז פיס לספורט in Givat Haim Ichud, Emek Hefer, as well as in Zichron Yaakov, Free trial lesson.

For more information contact Dan at 0507852211 .

Yoga brings the element of space.Hatha yoga brings spaceto the muscles and joints.Relaxation brings spacebetween the thoughts.Where there was tension,there is now release.Where there was confusion,now there is clarity.

Hatha Yoga

Postural misalignment causes aches, pains and disease. The Iyengar technique realigns the body. Starting with the feet – the base of the body – the postures strengthen the muscles, align the skeletal structure and increase flexibility. We use props for certain postures to ensure alignment. No matter what your present level may be, this technique will benefit you.

Yoga postures keep our bodies healthy and fine-tune our awareness. Health and awareness help us in all aspects of life. Hatha Yoga balances the forces of ha (sun) and tha (moon), the female and the male, the yin and the yang in our nervous system. It enables the flow of energy, the life force, without restriction.


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